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August 9th, 2009

snapdragons: i am a horrible person... (Default)
Sunday, August 9th, 2009 02:18 am
Thanks for the invite, Blue :D

So I watched Defiance. Wonderful movie, and like you said, Liev is sexy in Russian. Wish there was more of him there. I doubt I can watch it again soon, I chewed a lot of my nails down, and the skin too ^^; heheh. It was fun, and always kept me on edge.

Then I went back to watch the three episodes of CSI before the final Mike Keppler one, and I found myself laughing. I wish he could've stayed longer, and I knew from the start how it ended since the end was where I started for him. :( I blame you and Ponderosa for getting me more and more obsessed with this guy lol. Now it's hard to choose: Liev or Hugh? I'll take the package, thanks.

Then I went to a theme park on five hours of sleep, ran around, had late dinner, hung out at night with friends, and went home. XD I am so tired, must sleep soon.

Hopefully I can contribute something here. Should stop being such a fantard and start drawing. Too much reading leads to lack of productivity, oh the irony..