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snapdragons: mine! (bodysliding)
Friday, September 11th, 2009 10:42 pm
Tim Gunn...

He visited my comic book shop to sign some Iron Man/Project Runway comics.  While my friends and I were standing on line, a lady in front of us went up.  It was hilarious.  She ended up telling the guy her life's story at the speed of light.  For the sake of both parties, we looked away and muffled our laughter.  I guess everyone close enough knows all about her now.  She's a teacher, New Jersey, omgshelovesTimGunn, she loves watching Project Runway blahblahblah, and yadda ya..

A bit after her, some chick went up and stated her name as Yami, spelled as such.  We weren't sure if she was some Yu-Gi-Oh fantard, or if she was serious..  Considering the location, her style and appearance, and the rarity of the name Yami (and all spelling variations), she was most likely a fantard..  Why the fuck would you want to get an autograph under the name of a fucken anime character...

With that said, the comic wasn't the best, but it was amusing.  The original cover art was cut and pasted onto a plain white background.  The person who put it together should be fired, because the image was extremely pixelated.  It was an interesting experience, even if I'm not a big Tim Gunn fan.  I got him to sign my Fashion's Night Out map, which isn't pixelated....  He signed his name as Tim XOX on my book.  Lol, I will forever remember him as Tim Hugs-n-Kisses from now on.

So I lined up with fashionista wannabes to go into a comic book store I frequent, and the shop staff didn't even know who the visitors actually were.

Oh yeah, one more thing.  At some point, a small crew walked by to get into the back of the line.  It was a guy with a brush and palette, a guy with a camera, and a lady wearing nothing but a thong, with her body covered in aforementioned paint.  I have a feeling they were either, A. not let into the store, or B. embarassing themselves in front of Tim Gunn, because according to the twenty minutes of Project Runway that I've actually watched, they do not approve of 'naked' outfits for the runway...